I was a four door hardtop
The Original Muscle Car
4 Door Hardtop becomes 2 Door Convertible
61 Olds Starfire gets re-restored!
This Oldsmobile Convertible was purchased in 2008 from the USA as a completely
restored car needing only to
As the new owner was re-assembling the vehicle he noticed some issues and
decided instead of continuing to assemble, he would dis-assemble to see how bad
the issues were.

The car turned out to be a complete disaster. The clear coat blew off of the base coat
This 4 door hardtop was purchased as a parts car to be cut apart and pieces used
part of the 4 door hardtop was so much better than any part of the 2 door
convertible, the decision was made to use the 4 door structure and graft the
convertible parts on to it.  Thus turning the 4 door hardtop into a 2 door convertible.
For additional pictures of how poorly the original
restoration of the convertible had been done and more
pictures of the conversion process
click here.
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