The following set of pictures show a step by step rust repair
on the lower rear quarter panel on the driver's side.  
This method of repair is used when there are no OEM or
After-Market parts available.
After sandblasting the true extent of the rust is revealed.
First, we drilled out all of the spot welds and separated the inner
panel from the outer panel.  We then cut the affected area off.
We then cut the inner panel away leaving the lip a the wheel
well in tack as a point of reference to relocate the inner piece.
The inner replacement piece is hand formed and trimmed until it
fits exactly where the rusty piece was.
The new piece is butt welded into place.
Once the welds have been ground the new inner piece is epoxy
A replacement piece for the outer quarter panel is hand formed
and epoxy primed on the inside.
The replacement outer piece is build and welded to the quarter
panel and then it is plug welded to the inner piece so it looks the
same as the factory welds.  This procedure will be used to do all
of the remaining rust work on the car.
The welds are ground clean and the quarter panel looks as
though it was never rusty.
The Original Muscle Car