Big surprises found on 300B

The conversion from a 2 speed to a 3 speed transmission was not exactly by the

With the transmission still in the car the first clue something was amiss was the
way the yolk came off the park brake drum.    I am so used to looking at newer
727 transmissions that the shape of this transmission did not even register.  It
was only when we went to separate the transmission from the motor that the
magnitude of the work involved to make this transmission work in this car
became apparent.

Please click this link to read the rest of this narrative on the transmission.
A small layer of filler is put over the welded
area to smooth it out prior to priming.
The body is then mounted on to the rotisserie so all of the
work can be finished right to the bottom pinch welds.  It is
then primed as well with high solids primer and the body is
put back down on the cart to prep for paint.
The body panels are then removed from
the body and the outsides are primed
with a high solids primer separately.
The entire car is primed with a
polyester primer.
The entire car is blocked and
fine sanded to 240 grit.
The Original Muscle Car